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Performance Corp

May's Business Spotlight is Performance Corp - Wood Manufacturer

Performance Corp. is a manufacturer producing new and repaired wooden pallets & crates for their customers. With a vertically integrated business, owning and operating their own trucking division and lumber mill in Carney, Michigan allows them to best serve customers and control raw material supply.

In 1981, Jerry Brill, a truck driver, identified that many of his customers (local manufacturing/cheese companies) often had old broken pallets at their warehouses. He & his son Jim decided it would be a good business idea to assist these businesses by removing their "garbage" pallets, repairing them, and then reselling those same pallets back to the businesses at a profit.

Performance Corp believes in providing a sustainable product and eliminating waste of any sort, leading us to produce & sell products such as packaged firewood for retail sale, landscape mulch, and animal bedding.

About Courtney Heagle - VP of Human Resources & Founding SBL Vice President

When Performance Corp hire new employees, Courtney makes sure the onboarding process is smooth as she oversees HR operations. She conducts performance reviews and handles the important administrative tasks that keeps their business running. Courtney also keeps the team safe by keeping protocols up to the current safety standards and following OSHA guidelines. It’s because of her that Performance Corp can say they’re constantly improving safety.

With the SBL, Courtney not only wrote our by-laws but she also leads our Business Growth committee. She's the welcoming face to greet you when you start a business here in Seymour. She has helped multiple companies connect and find the information they need to pass inspection and have access to the right tools to be successful.

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