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Shop The Block Participation Sign Up

Use this form to submit participation as a vendor during Shop The Block.

Is the Company You Represent Direct Sales?
Number of spaces required for setup
Electricity required in space?
If the vendor does not have a Wisconsin seller permit number and claims their sales are tax exempt, please enter the exemption code number provided:
1 Exempt sales only or display only
2 Multi-Level marketing company pays sales tax
3 Nonprofit
4 Exempt occasional sales
I am not tax exempt
Please check the boxes for the location you would like to sign up for. We will try to accommodate the best we can.
Are you an SBL Member?
Yes-Fee is paid by SBL, no payment due.
No-Payment per vendor space is $40

Use this form to become a stop on the official Shop the Block map.

Payment submission for participation:

Let’s Work Together

Interested in waiving all fees by becoming an SBL member? Please email

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