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Seymour Heroes Program

The Seymour Heroes Program pays tribute to our local men & women who are actively serving or who have served our country in any branch of the military by placing banners of recognition along Main Street, Seymour. 


Make a Pledge
to support our Local Veterans & Active Military Members

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By pledging, you are providing a donation that will go directly into the creation of a banner here in Seymour, WI. Any excess funds will be donated back to military families or organizations, locally. We appreciate your support in our program, and for our local heroes! 

Pledge Now!


Thank you for supporting our military members!

Submit a Banner Request 
form for a Veteran or Military Member

No payment required. Fill out the form to submit active military member or veteran photos and information for a banner. All banners must go through an approval process. Due to limited space, we can only accept 21 banners for 2023. 
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Sample Banner - actual banner size 84" x 30"

Click here to submit a Request

Not interested in a banner, but want to share your military story? Click here to email us at  & be scheduled for an interview! 


How it Works 

The Seymour's Heroes Program is made possible through donations made by the local community.

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How to Get a Banner Made

Anyone can submit a Banner Request form as long as they have permission from the individual/their family and have the appropriate information; including a photo, of the individual. 

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Do I have to Pay for My Banner? 

​No. The cost of the banner is covered by donations made to the program. Our goal is to eliminate the cost barrier for our veteran & military families and allow them to honor their loved ones without having financial burden. 

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How Long Does A Banner Stay Up? 

Our goal is to have these banners placed on light-poles along Main Street after the Christmas decorations are taken down, and until the BurgerFest decorations are put up.
Additionally, our goal is to rotate banners each year or every other year, depending on how many requests are recieved. 

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Will Banners be Rotated?

Our goal is to rotate banners each year or every other year, depending on how many requests are recieved. 

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What Happens With Excess Donations? 

If the SBL were to recieve excess donations for this program, the funds would be used to give back to local veteran/military programs. 

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What's the Real Cost of a Banner? 

​Each banner costs around $150 just for the materials.  Thankfully, the City of Seymour has donated their time and resources to putting up and taking down the banners throughout the year. FastSigns of Green Bay has also graciously provided us a discounted price for the banners in order to allow this program to happen! 

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