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Business Membership

Any sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company engaged in business within the Seymour Community School District is viable for membership. 


Expand your business reach by connecting and partnering with other Seymour businesses & community members.


- Gain access to exclusive events 

- Free Promotional Features

- Referrals


Foster your community while continuing to grow your customer base.


- Each business will have 1 vote

- Educational Opportunities

- Help Develop the Resource Center

- Promotional Discounts  

Membership Dues

$350/year - 100+ employees

$300/year - 20-99 employees

$250/year - 2-19 employees

$200/year - sole proprietor  

*New businesses (6 months & under) receive 50% off membership 

Let's Work Together

As a business member, you or your representative will be asked to attend one annual meeting along with four quarterly meetings. In addition to these informational meetings, there will be committee meetings and scheduled events that you have access to.     

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