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Mel's Coffee House

3 Year Anniversary in Seymour

Rooted in her strong faith in God and love for her family, Mel opened Mel's Coffee House to share her passion with others in the Seymour community in June of 2020.

Utilizing one of the town's historic buildings known as the Melchert building, Mel was able to keep a piece of Seymour history alive while creating some of her own. Mel's is one of the five founding SBL businesses.

Originally located in De Pere, Mel started her first coffee shop in 2014 but left her first location to spend more time with her family. Her oldest was heading off to college and her youngest Kindergarten the following year.

“We love being a part of an organization that helps bring the community closer together… we are a coffee shop after all and there’s no better place to find community than over a cup of coffee.”

Whether you're in the mood for Mel's homemade chicken salad or a freshly brewed cup of coffee, Mel's is the place. All of their products are made to order.

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6am-2pm & Sat. 8am-2pm

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