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West Works LLC

"Seymour isn’t a good place for business, it’s a fantastic place for business." -Markley West

The Seymour Business Leagues is proud to present West Work LLC as our Business Spotlight for February 2023. West Works LLC is owned by Zach and Markley West, who moved to Seymour in September of 2020 and they started their business October 2021. The services they offer are interior paint services and design and handyman services, and recently, Zach took the steps to starting in real estate to add to their business.

When asked what makes Seymour a good place for your business West Works LLC answer: "Seymour isn’t a good place for business, it’s a fantastic place for business. Maybe that’s cliché to say, but it’s true. With not having friends or family in the area it is harder to grow a business; you don’t have those people to support you. We figured being close to both Green Bay and Appleton it would be safe enough to find work. Little did we know that Seymour and the towns next door would be our biggest support. In our first year of business 95% of our jobs were right in Seymour and most of those jobs came from one neighbor sharing our name with another neighbor. The community shows such amazing support to the businesses that reside in it. I can guarantee I wouldn’t be filling this questionnaire out about my business if we were located in Green Bay or Appleton."

Zach and Markley feel that by being a member of the Seymour Business League has help tremendously with sharing about their business and their accomplishments. "We are just getting started! We can’t thank Seymour enough for helping us get started on this journey!" states West.

If you are looking for interior paint, design or handyman services contact West Works LLC by phone (715) 850-1909 or by email

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